Do You Really Trust GOP Conservatives?

I have to ask—do you really trust GOP Conservatives with the well-being of our nation? Especially, the desperate to please the 1%, current candidates Romney and Ryan.

Their platform is more about controlling the rights of others and forcing all American’s to conform to their personal views of morality and values, rather than protecting the general well-being of all Americans and protecting our right to live by our own moral compass. From my perspective their values and goals are rather dubious.

Individuality is a hallmark trait of Americans stemming from our fierce independence streak, but we are a diverse and generous people who usually temper our staunch “If it’s to be it’s up to me” mentality with an understanding that we don’t all start out life at the top of the mountain and need to rely on one another to survive. Or it used to be that way. Republican don’t seem to be embracing the American ideals these day nor are they our parent’s Republicans of yore.

This new breed of Republican comes with a troubling lack of self-awareness, and humility coupled with a widespread irrational belief that they know better than we, how to live our lives. They demonize the poor, immigrants, and unemployed, disparage the working class for not working hard enough, and battle imaginary threats to their religion and wealth. Led of course by those nefarious Liberals.

These Republicans who’ve been born into luck, by virtue race or gender, raised in affluence, in the right town, able to attend the right college, or marry into the right family— they who deny that these attributes are not privileges everyone has at their disposal—wear blinder they donned themselves.

They are blind to the plight of most of Americans because they don’t like them, don’t want to be them, don’t want to see them, or help them. They want money, power, and to live unchallenged.

And evidently they will lie, steal and back-stab the American people to get what they want, striding over our Constitutional rights as if those rights are not worth the paper they are written on.

They deny claims of privilege as if they’ve had to work as hard, and struggle as much as the 47% Romney denigrated. They deny advantage available only to them, and that it had anything to do with their success. That all anyone has to do to get where they are, is to work harder and smarter and to do so without accepting or expecting help from the government—because they judge everyone as if there is a level playing field.

I don’t begrudge anyone their lot in life, not even the wealth well heeled. It is not an issue of fairness, just happenstance. Deserve is never a quality when it comes to life’s advantages or disadvantages. Being privy to all the advantages in life is not a guarantee of ones success or happiness. And this is not an indictment of the 1% whose world view is bigger than their ego, or their bank account. I admire people who work hard despite their privileges, and work to elevate those around them. Qualities that are not tied to income levels.

These people know life’s steep grade is infinitely more scalable when you start out closer to the peak with handholds, and a rope tethered to you than it is to scrabble-up from the bottom without any safety equipment, without anyone ahead of you reaching back to give you hand.

They know what any military personnel will tell you—it is easier to ascend obstacles with help of those who’ve gone before you, and you don’t leave people behind.

The GOP-Conservatives-the Religious Right-those 1% who try to buy elections to further their personal agendas, seem to have acquired a complex.

…feel persecuted or oppressed whenever they find someone that doesn’t share their particular worldview…whose claims of persecution are better explained as annoyance at the removal of privilege or the curtailment of their ability to force their views on to others.

Their world view is myopic, misanthropical segregation. They embody the very definition of Persecution Complex—

People that suffer from persecution complex tend to believe that others are out to get or hurt them in some way. Their fears are utterly unfounded in reality and at times exaggerated paranoia and it reflects a belief that everyone has it in for them. Symptoms of persecution complex may be seen when the person interacts in normal ways and then over-reacts to perceived wrongs.

These are not the people I want to entrust with our future, our government, the environment, diplomacy, taxes, health care, education, etc, etc, etc. We deserve better than Romney and Ryan.

Republican Romney Crying Poor Mouth?

I got home just in time to catch last nights episode of Wives of the GOP. Poised and passionate Ann Romney started out a bit slow but once she received her first standing-O she really came alive and read her lines with sincerity at last nights Republican National Convention.

I have no doubt Ann believes her husband to be an upstanding, dedicated, hard worker. Not would I deny that he hasn’t earned his paychecks.  So why were we being beat over the head with the “we work for our money and there is no shame in being successful” bat? The tall tale of the Romney’s pulling themselves up by their bootstraps from austere beginnings? Gag. I doubt their poor mouth tale has teeth.

I don’t begrudge anyone their success, whatever way they define it, good for them. But, Ann going on about how they ate tuna off an ironing board table as if they were poor common folk? Surely you jest?

They weren’t poor, they were living off dividends from stocks his father left him. Mitt might have been working his tail off at the time trying to get his business off the ground but he wasn’t doing it while also working to keep  roof over his head and food on the table. Get real dude.

Maybe that felt like you were poor and struggling. But reality check—when you have money coming in you didn’t work for, that ain’t poor, that’s privileged. Which I also don’t begrudge the guy. It would be stupid not to use any advantages or opportunity we have at our disposal.

The ugly here is how insulting it was to play at being poor when so many are suffering the effects of this economic downturn more acutely than those who created and caused it. Sadly, there is shame in that.

Sept 11, 2012-Update: Ann Romney admitted to lying about her and Mitt being poor, or struggling. In fact they lived quite well off his stocks. It’s not really important to tell the truth only what you think people want to hear. Let’s all take a minute to reflect on the awesomeness of the Republican party’s credibility. Oh, wait, they don’t any.