Government Shutdown

I know how to get the politician back to doing their jobs and end the government shutdown. A complete media blackout.

Lock the doors, takeaway their cell phones and no potty breaks or food until they slip an agreement under the door the president will sign.

No more blaming each other in the media. No more grandstanding and trying to manipulate the voters–we already voted.

You’ve got the job, just do it. You don’t need to be in our faces with the details. You don’t need to incite the citizens to petition for or against what we’ve already made clear. You are supposed to work together, offer compromises, not threats.

Since the Affordable Care Act is what’s holding us up, let it fail or succeed on its own merit.

Stop acting like you don’t know affordable healthcare is necessary and that the major reason it is being opposed is the fear of its success. All the issues of it’s implementation will be worked out as need be.

Stop calling the Affordable Care Act, Obamacare as if it is something different. And stop pretending that isn’t purposefully used to inflame bigotry, and racism in those so inclined. It’s pretty sad and telling when polls show people support the ACA but not Obamacare.

Stop trying to sneak in the personal pet issues that small factions of your constitutes–those with the biggest pockets at election time-favor. Especially when they deal with the very specific details, like contraception. Big hint Senators: this falls into the smaller government role you so desperately say is needed. Stop trying to legislate healthcare decisions.

I really wish the senators would agree to not talk to the press until the government shutdown is over and we’re back to being fully operational, but since that goes against their nature, I stand by the idea to have the media completely blackball them.

I, for one, will not be listening to anything any one of them has to say until they come to a resolution.