Glad Tidings and a Peaceful New Year to You All

It’s been a tough week for everyone. Our hearts are heavy with grief and confusion. It’s our nature to dissect these tragedies for want of a reason and to hold someone responsible. In our haste for a resolution we lash out at everyone.

This is the fourth post I’ve written this week and the only one you’ll be reading as I can only bring myself to wish you all glad tidings since the other posts are unpublishable in their current form. In them I take out my anger on those I’d like to blame, those who’d like to blame me, and those who likely deserve some of the blame for the Newtown tragedy.

But, for now I think wishing everyone well, serves us all better than wishing anyone ill.

Glad Tidings and a Peaceful New Year to You All.

Merry Christmas!

Joyous Kwanzaa!

Chag Chanukah sameach!

May the new year bring us unity, understanding and tolerance.

Love Always,