Book Review: The Movement of Stars by Amy Brill

I’m the first to admit writing a book review is not my forté, but once in a while I read something so extraordinary I am compelled to sing its praises. The Movement Of Star by Amy Brill is such a book, and deserving of much better accolades than I am capable.

Set in the mid-1800’s on the island of Nantucket, we are taken along on a woman’s journey of self-discovery. Having lived the insular life of a devotee in the Quaker community, Hannah Price–comet seeker, is unprepared to have the very roots of her faith shaken much less unearthed. Yet, she finds her mind opened and her beliefs challenged by the most unlikely of contenders-Issac, a dark-skinned whaler seeking knowledge of the stars.

I love where this story goes. To be witness to the strength and fortitude it takes Hannah in accepting the challenges to her belief system and exploring the new avenues of possibilities is exhilarating. Juxtaposing her and Issac’s opportunities and the differences in how the world presses it mores and will upon them is emotional, and intense. I found the characters well-drawn and moving, and the settings visually arresting.

This book is beautifully written, and smartly tailored. A complex and layered story whose language is fluid and rides along as if a sea. Amy Brill captures exactly what I imagine life was like for a woman of Hannah’s station. This story feels unique, complete, and satisfying.

I also appreciate Amy’s explanation for the inspiration of this story, the real life lady-astronomer, Maria Mitchell.

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