Republican Romney Crying Poor Mouth?

I got home just in time to catch last nights episode of Wives of the GOP. Poised and passionate Ann Romney started out a bit slow but once she received her first standing-O she really came alive and read her lines with sincerity at last nights Republican National Convention.

I have no doubt Ann believes her husband to be an upstanding, dedicated, hard worker. Not would I deny that he hasn’t earned his paychecks.  So why were we being beat over the head with the “we work for our money and there is no shame in being successful” bat? The tall tale of the Romney’s pulling themselves up by their bootstraps from austere beginnings? Gag. I doubt their poor mouth tale has teeth.

I don’t begrudge anyone their success, whatever way they define it, good for them. But, Ann going on about how they ate tuna off an ironing board table as if they were poor common folk? Surely you jest?

They weren’t poor, they were living off dividends from stocks his father left him. Mitt might have been working his tail off at the time trying to get his business off the ground but he wasn’t doing it while also working to keep  roof over his head and food on the table. Get real dude.

Maybe that felt like you were poor and struggling. But reality check—when you have money coming in you didn’t work for, that ain’t poor, that’s privileged. Which I also don’t begrudge the guy. It would be stupid not to use any advantages or opportunity we have at our disposal.

The ugly here is how insulting it was to play at being poor when so many are suffering the effects of this economic downturn more acutely than those who created and caused it. Sadly, there is shame in that.

Sept 11, 2012-Update: Ann Romney admitted to lying about her and Mitt being poor, or struggling. In fact they lived quite well off his stocks. It’s not really important to tell the truth only what you think people want to hear. Let’s all take a minute to reflect on the awesomeness of the Republican party’s credibility. Oh, wait, they don’t any.


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