Fair Tax For All?


I’ve been reading reports by the Tax Justice Network, “an international, non-aligned coalition of researchers and activists with a shared concern about the harmful impacts of tax avoidance, tax competition and tax havens,” and I have to say, I’m actually surprised how far reaching the deception is even among companies I normal respect, and support with my consumer dollars. There is no Fair Tax for All.

I expect corporations and individuals to protect their assets, everyone should. Everyone deserves to benefit from what they work for. But when your assets are comprised of riches amassed not of hard earned labor or shrewd investment but by tax avoidance, you really can’t go crying foul on those trying to recoup what you’ve unjustly hidden.

How many times have we heard, in multiple iterations from the current crop of Republican politicians that they aren’t doing anything illegal? But, it’s legal! Dudes? If you have to explicitly state you aren’t doing anything illegal—chances are high what you’re doing is in the least, subversive. And you know it. Why else stammer on about your action’s legality? What was that phrase Romney kept repeating? Something about not paying a penny more in taxes than he was required to?

Legal is not synonymous with right, or fair, or justified. That hiding your untaxed or undertaxed wealth is legal (leaving out for the moment that your money is what influenced the passage of laws that have made this possible-cute huh?) doesn’t mean you’ve outsmarted those who are asking you to pay what is your fair share of taxes. We can see right through the smoke and mirrors and what we’re looking at is a big hunking pile of funds you OWE to your country. A fair tax for all is not beyond your understanding.

It is despicable to suggest those who are demanding a more equitable distribution of the necessary cuts, and costs of protecting and rebuilding our economy are merely trying to steal from the rich because of some kind of classist bias against the wealthy. It’s not your wealth we are after, it is unpaid taxes that you should be legally required to pay, nothing less than what is fair, nothing more. And stop saying “but it’s legal,” you sound like a petulant teen whining “but everybody else is doing it.”





  1. Laura@Catharsis says

    Now, here’s a lady who speaks my language. I am totally with you here. But you know what I’m also sick of? People demanding that Romney, specifically, show all his tax stuff openly. Not because I’m behind the guy, of course. Rather, because the mere fact he won’t should be proof enough that he’s a crook, and if not a crook, then highly unethical and nervous about revealing himself to the public. A person with nothing to hide WOULDN’T CONTINUE TO HIDE THINGS. So his actions (or rather, inaction), speaks louder than anything else.

    • Thanks Laura. Standard practice for all presidential candidates is all that is expected. It’s not a personal vendetta. You’re right, Romney making a big deal about it speaks volumes.

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