NaNoWriMo: The Plot Thickens

Our ML Sara, aka Disquiet, arranged for three pre-NaNo gatherings to help our region’s WriNoShores prepare themselves for the coming apolcalypse  National Novel Writing Month, formally known as November.

Much to our surprise and delight a whole lot of intelligent, funny, nervous, and bewildered writers turned up to Saturday and Sunday’s meetings. I can’t tell you what…oh wait, yes, I can tell you, what a boost to our morale it was to have everyone there and I think all the participants felt the same. In other words—”THAT WAS WICKED!”

I found the conversations and questions to be stimulating and helpful, even when I was the one answering them. Having to explain something forces you to think about it clearly so even when you are comfortable and feel like you know what you are doing, attending these kind of meetings can be inspiring and offer a comforting sense of community. That can be especially important when engaged in such a single-minded pursuit as novel writing is.

Sara is doing a super job. She’s speaking to the groups (when I’m not interrupting) about the process of writing 50k in 30days, she has had packets for everyone to help them get started plotting and developing character, she’s arranged write-ins for every day of the week, engaged more of our local libraries to participate, and has planned a kick-ass, Kick-Off Party for next Sunday complete with a Grand Prize Raffle and Writerly Booty. Big “WooHoo!” to Sara.

Off to one more pre-planning meeting today, then I’ll report back Monday on how the Kick-Off Party went.

Keep Writing.

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