NaNoWriMo 2012: So Close!

The minute it was out of my mouth I knew I was tempting fate,”I should be hitting 5ok Saturday.” Oh, NaNoWriMo 2012: So close! I could almost taste it. But by days end the count is 47434.

Well, sure I could have, and would have made it to 50k today had I not woken Friday with a killer headache and day one of whatever virus had felled my youngest daughter early in the week. Head pounding, joints aching, I barely made it downstairs to the couch. There I lay for the next six or so hours until my family returned from school and work and took pity on me fixing me up with a few cups of strong tea.

I managed to rally around eight o’clock feeling much better but mainly driven by the promise to make chili and a chocolate cake for those who were coming to our big Saturday write-in. Good thing I came through—we had eleven writers toiling away at the Hamilton/Wenham library from 10 to 3:45 today.

Many words were written. Stars were awarded—who knew grown-ups could be motivated by little shiny stars? What’s really amusing to me is how grossed out some of them were when I explained how we’d line up at the teacher’s desk at the end of day and they would lick the red, blue, gold or silver foil stars to affix them to our foreheads. We’d run home so proud of ourselves, showing them off to our mothers and grandmothers.

With less than three thousand words to go I’m almost positive I’ll be hitting that 50k thresh hold at the Barnes and Noble Peabody write-in tomorrow. Or famous last words?


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