NaNoWriMo: 2012 Goal!

Last Sunday, I hit the fifty-thousand word mark for NaNoWriMo: 2012, an imagined announcer screeching “Goal!” in my head. I accepted the accolades and congratulations of my fellow WriNoShores, attached our coveted glittery stars to the tally card and then…thud.

As satisfying as it was to reach that 50k I was also left feeling a bit let down. No longer struggling to keep up, or reach my daily word count, I feel a bit like an outsider at the write-ins. It’s not that any of my fellow writers are shunning me but I no longer feel like one of them. I can’t joke around about getting distracted, neglecting my spouse, or having to stay up late. I can peruse Pinterest, shop on Amazon, read every tweet in my Twitter feed—all without the repercussion of running behind in my word count.

Not that I’d trade positions. Let’s not be silly, I like being done early for my own sake. It’s nice heading off to our Thanksgiving Weekend away knowing I won’t have to excuse myself to get a few hundred words out. But it’s not like I’m done with my story. This is when the reality of being a full-time writer hits hard. Reaching one goal is nice, but a new goal looms. I actually have to finishing this storyline-or as much of it as possible by November 30th. As interesting as this story is, my priority is finishing last years NaNoWriMo, The Illusion of Marriage, which is my most complete novel, the one I’m pinning my hopes of publishing on.

So while I will be enjoying a few days off, I’ll be right back at it next week,  pounding away at those keys, cheering on, cajoling, and cracking that whip, urging my fellow WriNoShores on to reach their goals.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


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