General Disclaimer

This blanket disclaimer is posted for the express purpose of warning YOU-the READER/USER, that YOU assume full responsibility for accessing this website and blog and that by doing so YOU agree to, and understand that regardless of the quality of content you find here, or are exposed to through linkage—YOU have done so of your own volition and are fully responsible for your reaction to it.

My blog and website are published for the purpose of entertainment and marketing. Whether you find it entertaining or not, is entirely up to your own discretion. And no whining about being lured into buying something you didn’t want or could afford by my awesome writing skills or peer pressure (You should buy my books though—you know, when I finally publish them; they’ll make you happy and rich)*.

Rules of Engagement

I firmly believe that the only way to learn and grow is through thoughtful dialog.  It would be a dull life if we all thought, acted, and valued the same exact things. Most subjects are open to discussion, but I do have standards of conduct.

In general, I am a thoughtful and kind person who likes spirited debate, enjoys discussing current events, and pondering big questions. I encourage the sharing of ideas. As a result, sometimes misunderstandings happen. Sometimes it’s me, sometimes it is you, but it is never my intent to harm, defame, or discredit anyone, their lifestyle, values, or moral choices (unless of course they don’t agree with mine** or yours are really heinous***).

If you can’t express your opinion without belittling, bullying, or degrading others don’t bother posting here. Don’t worry you will be notified where that demarcation line is should you cross it. And, it’s okay to point out if I have crossed the line. Life has a really big learning curve.

Comments and posts authored by others are entirely their own responsibility. While I will not edit comments, I do reserve the right to delete and block anyone who is (in my opinion) offensive, mean or disrespectful. I don’t expect you to agree with me, I do expect respectful discourse.

As evident by my past, if you insult me personally rather than just disagree with me, all bets are off and I’ll tell you to go screw yourself. Though I’m shooting for civility, this is my website/blog and I have the last word here. Bitch about me on your own blog.

 Complaint Department

If something on this site seriously offends you or you find it harmful in nature, please feel free to contact me so that I may address your concerns. To be clear, “address your concern” in no way is meant to suggest any wrongdoing on my part or on the part of my commenters. Nor do I mean to suggest you have the right to censor my opinion just because you are offended by it. But, I’m always willing to hear you out since there have been plenty of times where I’ve formed an opinion only to have to re-evaluate it upon input from others. That is the learning, maturing, and gaining wisdom process we strive to cultivate as we age.

 Ownership of Content

All writing on here is copyrighted to me unless otherwise stated.
I own what I write and/or produce, you own what you write and /or produce. If there is anything of yours posted here without permission it is done so unwittingly, and will be promptly removed upon request. I accept no responsibility for any infringement made by others.

I don’t create much in the way of media that others might look to exploit but if you do, Creative Commons License is an excellent resource for you to protect your work.

The Creative Commons copyright licenses and tools forge a balance inside the traditional “all rights reserved” setting that copyright law creates. Our tools give everyone from individual creators to large companies and institutions a simple, standardized way to grant copyright permissions to their creative work.

Don’t Take My Advice, Seriously.

Though I am an opinionated writer who can pull off sounding like I know what I’m talking about, I assure you that I do not speak or write with any authority that requires a license, advanced medical degree, or specialized training – despite what you may read here otherwise. My assurances that I can, and will perform brain surgery on an emergency basis are to be taken in jest. My offer of tea and cookies however, are to be taken with the utmost seriousness.

Full disclosure: My disclaimer was inspired in part, by Herche’s Blog Disclaimer.

* No, they won’t, but they will make you happy, and me rich.
** Kidding, I have no problem with us disagreeing just be respectful about it.
*** I’m pretty open minded, so it would have to be outstandingly wicked to offend me. No, that is not a challenge.