CBD Oil and the Keto Diet Gave Me Control Over My Life

I’m sharing my story of how CBD oil gave me control over my life with the caveat that it is only my experience, and like those who follow a Keto Diet, everyone has different results and success. It is not for everyone. Do your own research. 

My path to living on the Keto Diet started in January 2019 when in an effort to take the edge off severe pain from arthritis in my left knee, and right hip, I began taking CBD oil. 

I did a lot of research first. I love research, and I am somewhat of a skeptic when it comes to alternative medicine. CBD oil, while still needing more scientific study, has enough information available to intrigue me. Also, a few very trusted friends were finding success with it, and of course it has many studies as a complimentary therapy for chemotherapy. I am a two-time cancer survivor, though I did not utilize cannabis during treatment, I certainly was aware of it.

I did not want CBD with THC (the psychoactive ingredient that gives you the high) as I had negative experiences smoking pot as a teen. While vaping is the most effective mode of absorption, as a former smoker I found that unappealing. I started with an isolate tincture you apply under the tongue.

My expectations were, it might help with pain. I started with 10mg, and over a week settled on 25 mg twice a day. 

On the evening of day three, I quickly fell into a deep sleep, a rarity for me, and I sleep no more than 2 hours at a time, waking 3-4 times a night.

For the majority of my adult life, I’ve gone to bed every night full of recriminations for what I did wrong or failed to do. It was an insidious and relentlessly negative thought pattern. In the morning, I would wake disappointed, momentarily, that I am still here. I am not suicidal, I am actually a happy person, and yet, this low grade depression was ever present.

Day four, day five, I went right to sleep each night without the usual litany and I rose without those few minutes of regret. Day six, I made note of the change with wonder. Is the CBD affecting my mood? While relief from anxiety is a listed effect, I was not expecting it. Though I was disappointed I was not experiencing any pain relief, the affect on my mood was exciting.

During week two I noticed a remarkable decrease in my appetite and in my ability to control what I ate, and when. Again, I was not expecting this. With this new found control I began to think that losing weight might be possible.

While I’ve always been heavy, since experiencing stomach issues ten years ago, my weight had crept up to severely obese. Along with that weight gain, came two bouts of cancer, a double mastectomy, and deteriorating joints. I was struggling with my self-esteem and becoming isolated from participating fully in life.

Keto came to the forefront on my research as did IF (intermittent fasting). I started IF naturally, just skipping breakfast. No real plan around it. I lost a few pounds over the next two months. The reality that I could trust myself began to sink in, and I decided to commit to a keto lifestyle.

In an effort to avoid the dreaded keto flu I began to gradually to cut out sugar and carbs. Then the Noro virus ran through my house and tried to kill me. The recovery period  prompted me to end my lifelong addiction to sugar, and dependency on food as a reward, or solace. That was April 1st 2019 and I haven’t looked back. 

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