Radiation Station

I met Dr. Jim McIntrye on Tuesday. He’s my new radiologist. Luckily for me I don’t have to go to Boston for my treatments since they have a lovely cancer center over in Danvers.

Jim is a chatty fellow. I learned more about his family in one meeting than I’ve ever learned about doctors I’ve know for decades. He’s also a hugger. Which is okay with me, huggers live longer and that is our goal.

Today I had my first dose. One down, four to go. Annoyingly they are at one o’clock in the afternoon. Cancer is very inconvenient.

A lovely young women reached out to me (I signed up to be notified of pertinent clinical trials) to participate in a fatigue study of patients taking Ibrance. It’s a seven week study that takes place over seven months that consists of questionnaires, wearing a special sleep watch and a Fitbit. Easy peasy, and they pay you small stipend, and I get to keep the Fitbit. This cancer thing is really paying off!

Dr Juric called to tell me they decided to biopsy the lymph node under my collar bone. Soft tissue is a much better material to type than bone. It shows up well on the PET scan even though they can’t feel it. Waiting for that app’t to get settled. And he said the insurance company had approved my taking Ibrance. I’ll see him end of next week and finally get going on the drugs. Woohoo!

I’ve had a migraine off and on for three days now. It seems related to the lesion on T8 causing me pain, the one they are radiating. It can take weeks for the full effects of radiation to take effect. Let’s hope I don’t put an ice pick through my temple before then.

I started driving again since the fluid has decreased a bit in my right eye. The distortion isn’t making me queasy anymore. I’m not sure I want to drive to Boston myself yet but the local roads I can drive in my sleep were no problem. I assure you my vision is clear and I’m not endangering myself or anyone else, it was merely a motion sickness issue.

Thank you all for messages of support and love. It means more to me than I could possible express. Huh, you shut me up. Keep up the good work.

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A Versatile Blogger



I’m honored!

Is that what you call me?  A Versatile Blogger! Well, that’s one way to phrase what I do around here. I’ve deliberately not defined the content, freeing myself to write about whatever strikes my fancy, or incurs my wrath.


Expressing My Gratitude

I’d like to thank Chris @ Life Your Way for this “major award” and her support of My Dubious Views blog, not to mention her humor, and generous spirit.


The Rules for the Versatile Blogger

1) Thank the blogger who nominated you and include a link to their site.

2) Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your blog post.

3) Nominate 7 fellow bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly and include a link to their site.

4) Let them know you have nominated them

5) Share 7 random facts about you


My Nominations for Versatile Bloggers

Norine @ Don’t Put Lizards in Your Ears You can’t go wrong with that advice.

Yes, that’s only five — I’m a rebel and a rule breaker.

Seven Random Facts About Me:

  1. I’m originally from Dorchester.
  2. I’ll have been married for twenty years this October. Crickey!
  3. I’ve been a dot etcher,
  4. And a lapidary.
  5. I’m a breast cancer survivor.
  6. Brunch is my favorite meal and social activity.
  7. I fantasy garden.


My Next Big Thing

Okay, Chris @ Life Your Way,  I’ll play. I’m flattered that you think of me, I just feel like my blog doesn’t warrant the attention—yet. But since I do have a book I’m working on I don’t feel so insecure answering.

The Next Big Thing

10 questions about my current writing project.

1) What is the working title of your book or project?

The Illusion of Marriage

2) Where did the idea come from for the book or project?

I can’t pinpoint a specific spark but it started with an opening and ending scene—I envisioned this story as a movie. I needed a plot for NaNoWriMo2011 and used this idea.

3) What genre does it fall under, if any?

Fiction: Literary/Family Drama

4) If applicable, whom would you choose to play your characters in a movie?

Jacob: Jamie Bell or Emile Hirsch, Helen: Bryce Dallas Howard-someone who can pull of uptight but warm.

5) What is the one-sentence synopsis of your manuscript or project?

Til death do us part: marriage meets reality.

6) Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?

Yes, unless there is a third option by then.

7) How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

The first 50k I did for NaNoWriMo2011. I pretended to work on it for a few month of 2012, but now I’m aiming to finish up the first draft by Feb 2013. At 60993, I’m guessing I have another 20-25k to write.

8) What other book or stories would you compare this story to with the genre?

I’m blanking on anything specific. It’s a tale of marriage like any other and unique as all of them are. The lovely Jessica Ruston has a list of fiction books on marriage on her blog.

9) Who or what inspired you to write this book or story?

A death in the family prompted an examination of the lives around me, the struggles we all go through the triumphs and such.

10) What else about the book or story might pique the reader’s interest?

There are several secrets being kept that possibly doom a relationship, a few unforgivable acts forgiven, a postpartum psychotic episode, delicious meals, baked goods, frolics in the sun, and a dog named Bachman.

Geez, that almost sounds interesting. I’d better get back to work.

Your Next Big Thing

Tagging others is tricky since there’s so much inbreeding around here, I don’t know anyone who hasn’t participated. So dear readers (all two of you) there is no obligation to play, but if you’d like to—copy/paste the questions, fill in your answers, post a link to your blog in my comments. Or if you’ve already blogged your, My Next Big Thing, and would like to get more traction, feel free to post a link in the comments.


Glad Tidings and a Peaceful New Year to You All

It’s been a tough week for everyone. Our hearts are heavy with grief and confusion. It’s our nature to dissect these tragedies for want of a reason and to hold someone responsible. In our haste for a resolution we lash out at everyone.

This is the fourth post I’ve written this week and the only one you’ll be reading as I can only bring myself to wish you all glad tidings since the other posts are unpublishable in their current form. In them I take out my anger on those I’d like to blame, those who’d like to blame me, and those who likely deserve some of the blame for the Newtown tragedy.

But, for now I think wishing everyone well, serves us all better than wishing anyone ill.

Glad Tidings and a Peaceful New Year to You All.

Merry Christmas!

Joyous Kwanzaa!

Chag Chanukah sameach!

May the new year bring us unity, understanding and tolerance.

Love Always,