I’m glad you stopped by.

WOW! November 7, 2020. Finally, it looks like Biden will declared the winner. I greatly appreciate the effort it took for people to get out to vote. Now comes the hard part. Reconciliation. That is too long a topic to go in here. Maybe this will be impetus for me to start blogging again?

Explore the site at your leisure. There are old political diatribes, my viewpoint on life, writing, and book recommendations. You can also catch up with my current health in the blog section under, The Cancer Chronicle. There’s a few short stories, and posts about NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).

Stay safe. Wear a mask whenever you are in public. Wash your hands. Be kind, to yourself and others. VOTE this monster out of office before the civil unrest he creates triggers more than our tempers. Good job everyone!