Welcome! I’m Glad You Stopped By

Ah, the crisp days of fall have overtaken summer. Get out the sweaters, bake an apple pie and walk on the now deserted beaches unfettered by bathing suits. October for me means preparations for NaNoWriMo have begun in earnest.

I’ll be writing about NaNoWriMo here and on the WriNoShores website. That’s our region’s writing group who met through NaNoWriMo and decided to stick together all year round. I publish on Wednesday, mainly links to fun, interesting or helpful items I find around the web while I’m procrastinating.

As for my website–click around here a bit and you’ll find some things to read. There are short stories, poems, blog posts and assorted bits and pieces.

Please, feel free to connect with me on Twitter, Goodreads, Shewrites, Pinterest, or Tumblr.