Welcome! I’m Glad You Stopped By


Fall, my favorite season but a tad bittersweet this year. With one daughter enjoying her sophomore year in college, and the other a senior in high school, I feel like empty nest syndrome is waving a stick at me. You’d think with all this alone time I’d get more writing done.

What I manage to produce is mostly on WriNoShores website, a regional writing group I co-founded. You can find my Wednesday Woo posts there which are mainly links to fun, interesting, or helpful items for writers. The kind of stuff  I find whilst scouring the web during episodes of procrastination. As well as a new series of articles I’m working on that will address self-publishing-they should be ready in October.

As for this website, click around here a bit and you’ll find some things to read like short stories, poems, and the occasional argumentative blog post.

Please, feel free to connect with me on Twitter, Goodreads, Shewrites, Pinterest, or Tumblr.