Welcome! I’m Glad You Stopped By


Finally, everything is fresh and new and bendy. I’ve found my psyche to be a bit brittle this winter but spring is working it’s magic, as is the camaraderie of my writing group so, for the first time in months I’m feeling ambitious. Can’t wait to see what blooms from this.

My Wednesday Woo posts from last year are on the WriNoShore website- which are mainly links to fun, interesting, or helpful items for writers. The kind of stuff  I find whilst scouring the web during episodes of procrastination.

As for this website, click around here a bit and you’ll find some things to read like short stories, poems, and the occasional argumentative blog post. I’m refraining from political commentary until there are fewer imbeciles in the running.

Please, feel free to connect with me on Twitter, Goodreads, Shewrites, Pinterest, or Tumblr.